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Tennis Alberta’s Top Player Support Program

Program Overview

Success as a nation, by working as a TEAM: This is the cornerstone of Louis Borfiga’s philosophy. Louis Borfiga is currently the Vice President of High Performance for Tennis Canada directing the development and maintenance of the National Training Centre Programming across the country.

The Tennis Alberta Junior Top Player Support Program acts as a supplemental training and competitive program designed to enrich the current training and competitive environment for top performing Alberta athletes whoa re between the ages of 8-12. The program will also add extra support to club leaders, personal coaches, and parents of players competing at the highest level.

The 2017 Top Player Support Program will include the following components:

  • U10 Provincial Team (Travel & Training Teams)
  • U12 Provincial Team (Travel & Training Teams)

Program Goals

The goal of this supportive program is to work in partnership with club leaders and coaches to supplement current club training environments with the following simple but crucial guiding principles:

  1. Regroup the top players so they help push each other on and off the court;
  2. The program coaches will work in conjunction with personal coaches/parents to optimize annual planning and management of these athletes to help meet LTAD training and match play guidelines. This includes an understanding of the competencies required to meet the highest standard on the LTAD pathway: Living as a Pro or Top 50 world rankings;
  3. Provide access to sports science services that includes a strong focus on fitness development, psychological training, and nutritional education through the Alberta Sport Development Centre’s and various private enterprises.
  4. Act as a pathway into the U10/U12 National Training Centre Programs.

To view the Top Player Support Program Guide click Top Player Support Program Outline- Mar 10


2017 Alberta U10 Provincial Team Selections

Congratulations to those players listed below for being selected to participate on Tennis Alberta’s 2017 U10 Provincial Team:

Lucas Poirier                       Madelynn Ludwig                    Alana Unryn                          Liam Byrne

Jaden Mah                           Sophie Stanton                         Delilah Watt                          Rafael Bote

Ava Degrand                        Sara Kostic                                Isaac Barnard

Waverly Potter                    Amy Shaw                                 Conor Cherneski

Tennis Alberta U12 Provincial Team

Congratulations to the players listed below for being selected to participate on the 2017 U12 Provincial Team!

 Adrian Jugovich                      Mac Kim                             Aurora Pedwell                        Waverly Potter

Emmett Potter                          Kai Baerg                           Nawal Youssef                           Alexia Jacobs

Kaetan Mehta                           Braydon Bouliane            Chetanna Amadike

Gianna Oboniye                       Sonya Mehta