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Junior Parent Advisory Committee

The Junior Parent Advisory Committee (JPAC) is a group of parent volunteers that advocate for junior tennis players in the province and who advise Tennis Alberta on various aspects its junior programming.  To view JPAC’s Terms of Reference, click here.

JPAC has three sub-committees:

  1. The Junior Development Sub-Committee acts as a parent advocate group with Tennis Alberta’s Junior Development Committee (JDC), formerly known as the High Performance Group.
  2. The Tournament Sub-Committee provides feedback to the JDC with respect to tournament structure, timing and execution.
  3. The Communications Sub-Committee is responsible for the following:
    a. Developing a process for getting parent feedback, complaints and concerns to Tennis Alberta
    b. Working with the JDC to create a code of conduct for coaches, parents and athletes
    c. Assisting Tennis Alberta with communications work on an as-needed basis

In November 2015, JPAC conducted a parent survey. Feedback confirmed that parent concerns primarily fall into JPAC sub-committee categories. For example, more than 65% of parents surveyed want an increase in the number of tournaments, while 70% identified the importance of development opportunities outside of their child’s normal training. 85% of respondents highlighted the need for strong communication between parents, athletes and Tennis Alberta. To view a summary of the survey results, click here. For a detailed breakdown and analysis of survey results, please click here.

JPAC and Tennis Alberta are committed to improving communication with parents and players. If you have concerns and feedback, please contact any member of JPAC or email jpacchair@tennisalberta.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Deanna Sartison, Chair
Hank Yap
Alan Chow
Amaka Amadike
Dave Bell
Michelle Waddock

Junior Development Committee

The JDC is a committee composed of representatives from each TDC in Alberta and the Executive Director of Tennis Alberta. It’s purpose is to set, monitor and enforce policies and practices intended to develop a system which includes a route for those who wish to excel, and options that promote ‘tennis for life’ for enjoyment, health, participation and achievement. It supports and acts as consultants to Tennis Alberta staff responsible for the junior high performance programs and act as ambassadors of Alberta’s competitive structure. View the JDC Terms of Reference.

Committee Members:

Royal Glenora – Ryan Schroffel, Co-Chair
The Tennis Academy – Jeff Spiers, Co-Chair
Calgary Winter Club – Peter Smythe
Glencoe Club – Neil Parker
World Health Club – Adrian Court
Red Deer Tennis Club – Rene Simon
Saville Community Sports Centre – Russ Sluchinski
Osten & Victor Alberta Tennis Centre – Tom McLean
Tennis Alberta’s Tournament Coordinator – Brendan Smith
Tennis Alberta’s Interim Executive Director – Gael MacLeod
Tennis Alberta’s Coordinator of Player Development & Club Liaison – Aaron Lee
Tennis Alberta’s Coordinator of Player Development & Club Liaison – Jen Byberg

To contact the committee, please speak to your club representative.



Tournament Committee

The Tournament Committee’s purpose is to establish an equitable and transparent process for approving the schedule of Tennis Alberta sanctioned events. They also establish a sanctioned event contract between Tennis Alberta and its host clubs. Finally they review, develop and/or revise any tournament policies NOT included in Tennis Alberta’s Junior Competitive Structure Document.

View the Tournament Committee Terms of Reference.

Committee Members:

Bernice Kitchin, Chair
Brendan Smith
Derrick Van Den Berg
Dena Carlson
Hank Yap
Andrea Jones
Danny Da Costa
Ralph McNiven


Sportsmanship & Ethical Conduct Committee

The Sportsmanship & Ethical Conduct Committee’s (SEC) purpose is to make recommendations to Tennis Alberta on how to best promote and develop a culture of sportsmanship and ethical conduct. The Committee also monitors and evaluates any adopted practices, programs and/or policies related to parent and player education, discipline, and sportsmanship. To view the SEC Terms of Reference Click Here.

Committee Members:

Natasha Chapman, Chair
Jim Silovs
Melissa Penney
Mila Kupres
Adam Merrick
Scott Baerg
Lara Malmqvist
Bob Little

To contact the committee, please email secchair@tennisalberta.com.